Live Event Streaming & Webcasting

Live event streaming and Webcasting is an amazing way to open up your event to a world-wide audience. 

Dom Balls Productions has over a decade of experience when it comes to live event filming. Our team is energetic so we can keep up with the events schedule and we fully understand the importance of capturing the right content.


The equipment we use is state of the art and compact so we can keep a relatively low profile, this helps us capture natural content of your presenters and delegates. 

Our live event streaming service covers a broad spectrum of events, whether it’s a live product launch or simple Q&A session with one camera or up to a four camera live mix with intergrated audio and Powerpoint slides. 

As well as the live streaming we can record the stream output and also record each of the individual camera channels. This gives you a large amount of content and flexibility for content production after the event.

Dom Balls Productions can  live stream from almost anywhere as we can supply our own internet connection via the 4G network. For product launches and publicity stunts this could be particularly beneficial as it opens up a huge number of possibilities, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Another great feature we offer is the ability to live stream to multiple destinations. This gives you the biggest possible number of viewers. We can also incorpoarte a live chat across all the platforms with one central place to answer questions.

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